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Lecture Notes and Magic Effects

by award-winning magicomedian

and Linking Ring columnist

Peter Marucci.

All items include postage for the U.S. & Canada ONLY.  If you

live outside the U.S. and Canada please contact me for the additional

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Peter Marucci

Lecture Notes from the Master:

  Bizarre Magic:

$8.00 postpaid

Meet the OTHER side of funnyman Peter Marucci as he takes you on a tour of the

occult world with seven fully scripted routines of bizarre magic. This will take your magic to

a new, emotional level. (Includes routines - but not props - for Finger of Fate; see "tricks"


"If you are looking for ideas on how to use  some old (tried and true) simple tricks to weave

a spooky story BUY THESE NOTES."

- Larry White, magic editor, M-U-M magazine.

"These notes are recommended."

- Fred Rosenbaum, review, The Linking Ring.

"You have really done some great work here."

- bizarrist E.S.


Real-Life Table Hopping:

$10.00 postpaid

Everything you ever wanted to know about performing magic at tableside in restaurants

and bars, from magicomedian Peter Marucci, who has been performing at tables and

across the bar for more than 10 years. From how to get the job to how to approach tables to

the act itself, this is everything you need to know to get into this lucrative field. All that -

plus seven tricks that make up a working table act; tricks that have been proven in real-life

situations hundreds of times. This is 20 pages of the most useful information you're likely to get.


 Wild West Wonders:

$8.00 postpaid

The latest by magicomedian Peter Marucci! Eight fully scripted routines, each on a theme

from the American frontier. What was Doc Holliday's Dilemma? Who's the guilty one in The

Wild Bunch? What's the truth about Wild Bill Hickock?  Seventeen pages of magic that

you CAN do, each routine an audience-grabber. This is new - and this is good!


 Bar Magic:

$6.00 postpaid

Fourteen pages including how to get started in the lucrative field, what to do and how to

do it. Routines that have been proven across the bar thousands of times.

"Six tested effects along with pithy and 'right on' advice. Well worth the money."

- Phil Willmarth, Linking Ring review.


 Peter's Patter:

$6.00 postpaid

Nineteen pages with eight comedy-filled routines, including Marucci's famous Snake

Basket on a Budget. Plus how to write your own comedy routines.

"Some favorites from (Marucci's) popular Showtime column (in the Linking Ring).

Highly recommended."

- Phil Willmarth, Linking Ring review.


Funny Business:

$6.00 postpaid

Seven laugh-filled original routines, 12 pages; an audience-tested act in itself. All with

that special Marucci touch.

"Typical, easy-to-do Marucci tricks and fun presentations."

- Phil Willmarth, Linking Ring review.


Bits O' Biz:

$6.00 postpaid

More than 100 gags, routines, and bits of business for almost  any occasion. Designed

for magicians but ideal for emcees, clowns, comics and anyone who enjoys a laugh.


Effects from the Master:

 Mirror Monte:

$10.00 postpaid

Forget every other monte routine you've got; this will probably be your favorite! Show three

cards front and back - two jokers and a face card. First the cards become all face cards, then

all jokers, then a joker, a face card, and - A MIRROR! (Proving that the trick was done with

mirrors!) Only three cards. No sleights, no "funny" counts, no rough and smooth, instant reset,

and plays BIG! Perfect for bar magicians and table hoppers.


Finger of Fate:

$6.00 postpaid

You predict which one of six cards the spectator will choose. The prediction is in the

spectator's hands- held by a gnarled, "witch" finger - before the trick begins.


A 'sell-out' at the SEAM convention in North Carolina:

Psychic Darts:

$10.00 postpaid

A spectator throws an "invisible" dart at a dartboard and hits a freely chosen

number (and it is truly a free choice). When the board is turned around, the symbol

matching the freely chosen number is the same as the one predicted before the

trick began! Complete with special dartboard.

NEW!  Just added 7-10-03!  NEW!

The Dude and The Cowboys:

 $12.00 postpaid

A story using a full deck of cards that can be cut repeatedly by the spectator, but you

always end up "the winner" with the punchline ending!  Finally, a full-deck routine with

a LOGICAL ending! Complete with set-up deck of Bikes and gimmick. NO sleights!


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