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Through the help of many

the one became strong and wise.

On this page you will find many contributions by

neophites and sages alike.

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Numerological Fortune

Wayne Brockway

The Farm Nightmare

Douglas Byrd

Wench and the Beast

The Gathering


Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers II

Stephen McCann

Gerard Plantard's Revenge

Peter Marucci

Santa Meets Satan

The Gods of Egypt

The Devil's Wand


Dear Boss

Ashes to Ashes

Time Traveller

The Shadow Knows

Under the Protection of the Fairies

Innocent Blood

A Fool and His Money

Poe's Raven

I Am Here!

Coincidence Or . . .

Rich Massey

Swayward Thought

Final Outcome

Liam Montier

The Mark of the Devil

Robert Penning

The Path I Must Take

Joe Piper and Caleb Strange

Remembering Stones

Caleb Strange

Time Flies

Children Of Wax

The Binding Of The Years

Kay Tracy

Things That Go Bump In The Box

The Blind Seeker

Chris Walden

Power Channel

Elemental School

Anthony White

The Lizzie effect


Prince Vlad

Leprechaun Vampires?

The Raven



This page would be remiss if we did not offer a link to the

sage that contibuted so much in his lifetime.

Brother Gene Poinc

Another link that needs to be added is to

Peter Marucci's Bizarre Bazaar

column on

Peter is one helluva great guy and super

creative when it comes to the world of

the bizarre.

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