Bizarre Metalism w/ a Marked Deck


In this PDF eBook, ALEXANDRE shares techniques and six bizarre mentalism effects with marked cards - audience tested material he's been performing for years such as;

PAGANINI - The violin virtuoso fuels rumors of a pact with the Devil by demonstrating his amazing relationship with velocity using a deck of cards!

STALKER - A female participant chooses her actions, and a card, but in the end she can't avoid the "stalker's" confrontation!

SPIRITUAL TRACE - With an old deck of cards used for fortune telling, a peculiar man demonstrates how he will find the person responsible for stealing his strange relics!

CARMILLA THE VAMPIRE - A vampire has escaped from Carmilla's bizarre group, she finds the escapee through his partner ... and destroys them both!

THE FORTUNE TELLER'S APPRENTICE - A one-on-one private reading ... with a kicker!

SPIRIT WRITING - The performer's spirit friend stops by for a spooky revelation!

NO sleight of hand - NO complicated tactics

PDF eBook - 20 pgs  

Price $15.00