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Fire Products.

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Never be embarassed again by fire products that only

work some of the time!

Light it up with CONFIDENCE!



No Flint


 We sell top quality fire magic. So if your looking for some real fire magic, you're in the right spot.

IMPORTANT: All electronics on my products are guaranteed. My products use flashpaper/cotton or both. Never use flash powders or smoke. This will void guarantee.

All payments are received by Haslett's Enterprises. These pages are secure. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted. We also have electronic checking available.

Postal orders are also accepted. Please send payment by money order in U.S. funds only, to address below.


P.O. Box 5110


46755 U.S.A.

PH/FAX: (260)343-0632


U.S.A. residents add $6 shipping

Indiana residents add 5% sales tax


add $12.00 to total purchase for shipping and handling.

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