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 Forming A Character

By Peter Marucci

Talk about getting ahead of yourself!

Here we are, talking about developing a bizarre-type character and we've said nothing about picking what type of character that should be.

And that is critical, because you are going to have to enjoy this character and live with him, possibly for years.

As mentioned on the home page, there are many types to choose from: Vampire or vampire-hunter, witch or wizard, demon or saint.

And it may not be quite as easy as it looks; you may want to be a Merlin-type wizard but your real persona doesn't make that possible.

For example, you may want to play the part of a demon but you have blond, curly hair and a cherubic smile! Or you may want to be an ancient wizard (like Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books and films) but you're 'way too young.

Just as in "real" magic, you have to fit your real personality with your stage personality (unless you're Sir Laurence Olivier or someone like that; and, in that case, you wouldn't be reading this anyway!).

Again, for example, if you want to do comedy magic but look like the president of a bank, it just isn't going to work; or, if you are 15 years old, you shouldn't try to talk about your years of study in a monastery in Tibet!

And the same applies in bizarre magick.

So, here's a rough - very rough - rule of thumb:

If you are under 18 years old, you may want to go with a punk character.

If you are between 18 and 30, you could go with a Goth persona.

If you are over 30, the vampire or wizard character might fit you.

But, in all cases, try to fit the stage character with your real character. After all, Eddie Murphy doesn't play heavy, straight, white characters; and Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't play nerdy or African-American characters.

Decide on your character; find out if you have enough material to carry that character; and then go back and read the first two parts of this section again.

And don't just nod knowingly and move on; I mean really go back and read them again.

Hey, it works for me - and I wrote them!

Peter Marucci

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