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Once upon a more magickal time...

witches and warlocks worked their spells.

Now we are the workers of Magicks and Mysteries and wonder really does still exist.

Tory Parker and Kay Tracy

This is where it begins.  Where it ends

is limited only by your ability to spin a  

good yarn and twist a great magic routine.

What is Bizarre Magick? 

Bizarre, as defined in Webster's Dictionary, is an adjective which means  

"Odd, Eccentric, Fantastic".  

Magick (magic) is a noun which means "2. an extraordinary power

or influence seemingly from a super natural force".

We as Bizarre Magickal entertainers take stories of the odd, eccentric, or

fantastic nature and tell it using magic as the visual kicker (assumed

proof that the story did in fact happen - wink, wink).


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