Plastic Magician Contest; Start now.  The item to use for 2017 is the magic boomerangs.  Prepare your presentation of no more than three minutes using this item.  Please bring all scripting and notes paperwork for the following workshop on creating/scripting routines and effects.  Be prepared to perform your work.  Yes, there will be a prize!
Works in Progress; where you are invited to share something you are working on for feedback and thoughts. This is NOT a bashing session. Participants are given about three minutes to present material. The group then has time to provide feedback and suggestions both written and spoken,
Make and Take workshops; Materials and instructions are provided for you to create an item with guidance or to learn a method for prop treatment or creation that you get to take with you.
Lectures; participants are invited to speak for 20- 30 minutes on topics germane to our craft for the benefit of all assembled.  Lecture may include interaction, Q&A etc. as the presenter wishes.
Poster session; all are invited to submit ideas for a poster session they might like to present- <generally there is no spoken part to the poster session, rather a 2x3 poster display of an item, or instruction set/method on topics relating to the craft will be displayed for participants to see and study>Think school science fair without the judges!
Midnight movie; for those who cannot sleep Sat night!
Attending Spouses; get a few perks too- We offer a small welcome pack! <Just a thank you for them letting you drag them along to this event> and the opportunity to attend the BBQ and Saturday evening show!
Iron Mage contest; We will announce and provide you with the secret ingredient Friday evening. Interested participants will then have until Sat evening, about 7:30 PM to prepare a presentation that incorporates the secret ingredient.  There will be a single Iron Magician awarded, though additional categories have appeared, like the Iron Marathon (using at least three past year's ingredients along with the current year)!  Yes, we have prizes!
Goodie bags; with those little things we think are fun, or downright required for a gathering of fun.  Limited edition Gathering trading cards the first year included a hand- made set of four featuring the alter egos of our Guest of Honor- Kardor/Robin.  Very limited edition hand screened T- shirts for all attending
Most importantly, a good time and opportunity to network, meet new friends, and share the magic we all love!